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Kensington Cling2 Notebook Screen Protectors - 2 Pack

Kensington Cling2 Notebook Screen Protectors - 2 Pack
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Easily protect the screen of your notebook

Product Information

The Kensington Cling2 Screen Protector safeguards the most vulnerable part of your notebook, the screen. Each sized-to-fit, scratch-resistant sheet is designed to fit 15" notebook screens and easily installs without frames or harmful glues. Simply clean the screen with the dripless solution and soft microfiber cloths and attach the protective screen. Once you smooth the Cling2 sheet into place, you're screen will be protected from scratches, nicks, and smudges.

Product Features
  • One Protective Film Fits 15" Notebook Screen
  • Sized-to-fit sheet fits perfectly without trimming
  • Securely clings to screen without cumbersome frames or harmful glues
  • Scratch-resistant film protects screen from scratches, nicks, and smudges
  • Convenient screen-safe cleaning kit includes dripless solution and soft microfiber cloths
  • Easy to install - simply clean screen and smooth Cling2 sheet into position
  • Optically clear, non-reflective film ensures long-lasting, crystal clear screen images

  • 2 Protector Screens
  • Cleaning Kit

  • Color: Clear
  • Compatibility: 15" laptop screens
  • Quantity: 2 Protectors

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