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Drop Shipping Information

Why Drop Ship? If you sell computer related products and aren't able to ship the products your customers order, we can drop ship for you. Plus, if you don't want to deal with the headaches of inventory and warehouse space, then we can drop ship to your customers too.

Drop shipment (also known as drop ship) is a type of order fulfillment in which the seller does not keep goods in stock. Instead, it passes the customer’s order and shipment details to the vendor, who then ships the goods to the customer directly. The retailer makes a profit on the difference between the vendor wholesale price and retail price. The drop shipment method of offering goods allows anyone to sell products without buying and stocking an inventory of those products.

Drop shipment allows users to minimize inventory-carrying cost, mitigate risk on goods that aren’t sold, eliminate packing and shipping operations, and complement the range of merchandise they offer.

  • You have no excess merchandise to house between orders.
  • You’re saved the hassle of calculating shipping, packaging orders, and standing in line at whichever delivery service you may use.
  • Drop-shipping is a great resource for small companies and people who own and run websites in their spare time.
  • With drop-shipping, you won't incur out of pocket expenses.
  • You don't have to have a warehouse or house expensive inventory.
  • Increase the number of products that you sell on your site without increasing your inventory.
  • No Minimum Order. Buy as little or as much as you like. (The $350.00 minimum for initial orders - is waived for DropShip Orders.)

Zero Inventory: You are saved of stocking inventory, and you do not have to manage the inventory or shipping related issues. You send the orders to us and we take care of order fulfillment issues.

How it Works: When you receive an order, just purchase the items from our site and specify the shipping address. The product(s) will then be shipped directly to your customer(s). We will then bill you the prices as posted on our site.

Your Packing Slip: We will include a packing slip addressed from you to your customer in the package.

Fast Turnaround Time: We give drop ship orders priority, and most orders are shipped within 1 - 2 business days.

Packing Slip Customization: Our personalized packing slips can be altered to suit your needs. You can create modifications to the packing slip on a weekly basis. This means you can include customer service information, or promotional information such as upcoming sales, coupon codes or referral incentives to your customers.

Minimal DropShip Fee: There is minimal drop ship fee for each order. There is only one fee regardless of how many items are in the order. This fee helps to offset the cost of additional labor, packaging materials, order processing, accounting, and any additional shipping costs.

Plus, the $350.00 minimum - for initial order is waived for DropShip Orders.

At XSDepot.com, significant shipping or handling fees are not built into the cost of our products. Some vendors may raise the price of their product and then offer a "lower" shipping or drop ship rate. We believe in displaying these fees separately and providing you with the best possible price on your software products.

If you have any questions about how to get started, please contact us.