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OnGuard Kids Digital Watch with Safety Alarm & Interchangeable Faceplates (Boys)

OnGuard Kids Digital Watch with Safety Alarm & Interchangeable Faceplates (Boys)
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Complete Safety Alert System

Product Information

OnGuard Kids Personal Safety Alert System empowers and educates your child to be safe and secure with OnGuard.  It is a personal safety alert system especially designed for a kid's lifestyle.

The OnGuard Kids Personal Emergency Alert system features a 110 decibel emergency alarm, a high intensity SOS light signal, a safe & secure watch band, parental alarm controls and a child ID label on the back of the watch.  It includes three interchangeable faceplates that can be easily removed and changed, a lightweight safety flashlight, specially designed to snap right on the watch band, and an educational safety DVD with a video segment entitled Smart Kids, Safe Kids featuring renowned Child Safety Expert, Bob Stuber.  He walks parents through a quick set up of the watch.

OnGuard combines a cool looking digital watch, fun accessories, and in the event of an emergency, your child can easily activate a very loud high-decibel alarm that instantly lets everyone in the area know that they need help.

Unique Advantages

Some examples of emergency situations where a child would activate the alarm are:
  • If your the child is approached by a stranger.
  • If a bully is antagonizing a child and he or she feels uncomfortable.
  • If the child is injured and needs help.
  • If the child gets separated from the parent or guardian in a crowded mall or theme park.
  • Needs to ward off aggressive animals.


OnGuard is a complete safety system that was developed based on in-depth research among kids and parents.  In addition to the safety features, the OnGuard Kids Personal Safety Alert includes:

  • 3 Interchangeable Faceplates
  • Snap-On Flashlight
  • Day/Date/Time Function
  • Reminder Alert
  • Large Backlit LCD
  • Low Battery Indicator (Batteries Included)

Product Features

DVD Features
  • Empowering Safety Tips for your child by renowned Child Safety Expert Bob Stuber
  • Video Quick Start Guide
  • Downloadable User Manual
  • Web Links to Online Help

Note: Batteries are included but are not guaranteed.

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.

  • UPC: 047007025759  047007025742 
  • Mfr's Part #: ASSORT0481 

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